Fall Tree Maintenance and Lawn Care

Making sure that your lawn is properly prepared for winter is critical in these autumn days, before the cold really begins to hit. Performing the proper tree maintenance and lawn care now is the best way to ensure that your yard stays beautiful and protected throughout the winter months and can truly revive itself and flourish when spring comes around. Here is a brief guide on some of the most important steps you need to take to beautify and preserve your trees and lawn.

Lawn Care

The basics of lawn care are all fairly simple. First, be sure to rake up all fallen leaves and debris. Even small deposits of debris can begin to rot and cause considerable damage to your lawn, so be as thorough as you possibly can. Before you start your final rake up, you may want to go around trimming your shrubbery, hedges, and anything else that has become a bit overgrown over the summer. This way, you can simply clean up this debris with the rest.

lawn care service
lawn care service

Cleaning out your gutters is also a great chore to tackle before some serious raking, because you will need to clean up the lawn afterwards anyway. A less obvious step in your lawn preparation has to do with furniture or playground equipment that is not permanently placed. Things like miniature slides and movable picnic tables may be best stored in a shed or basement if you have the room for storage and don’t plan to use them much in the winter time. This will help to prevent damage to these items and unsightly indentations in the lawn after it becomes wet and muddy with snow.

Tree Maintenance

Trees can be a larger issue, and their maintenance is another task you should probably take care of before your last big cleaning sweep. Routine pre-winter maintenance is going to involve removing any limbs or areas that have died, as well as removing any limbs that seem like they might be precariously close to falling off, or likely to crush something if they were to fall. Sick trees should be removed entirely to prevent the spread of disease, as should dead or dying trees.


 Professional Inspection

The best way, and oftentimes the only way to know if your trees need trimming or removal is to let a professional check them out for you. A professional tree service will be able to identify any safety issues that might be present in your trees and then safely and quickly address these problems.

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