Lawn Mowing Requires Flexibility

Lawn mowing is no less than an art. It needs creativity as any other art. To your surprise, just a few mowing tricks and tips can help you make your lawn outstanding in terms of appearance and quality.

During warm weathers, it becomes more important to mow the lawn frequently. So, you can definitely try new and innovative mowing methods in these seasons. If you are unaware of such tricks, you can surely contact Leder Landscape’s experienced professionals to ensure your lawn stands out from the crowd.

lawn mowing-landscping
lawn mowing


Correct Mowing Bestows Your Lawn with Good Health

To see your home lawn fresh and healthy at all times, the first thing you must do is mow it properly. Instead of going for one single pattern, keep in mind the following tips, which help keep the grass in proper shape.

Mowing during dry grass is the best since mower works smoothly on it. It is tough to cut wet grass.The blades of mower should be sharp so that the grass gets cut evenly.Mow at a constant speed.Consult professionals to ensure no slip ups.

Creative Style Mowing

Well, Basic mowing techniques are known by most of the homeowners. But, the roasting summers require a little more effort on your part. It’s time to explore your creative side. This time, with mowing patterns!

Yes, there is no end to how many patterns one can try. But, the first four patterns that are easy to start with are explained below:


  • Begin with mowing a straight, even stripe at first.
  • Keep the pattern in mind, and continue mowing the rest of the stripes in the same direction.
  • Don’t take sharp turns. Instead, move with slow U-turns while mowing the lawn.
    Ensure a smooth edge by mowing the lawn’s border 



  • Begin with cutting the strips in a diagonal direction through the lawn’s center.
    The next stripe should be exactly next to it.
  • Move along the ground’s edge, and cut the second strip while keeping the direction same. This will help to get one light stripe and two dark stripes with it.
  • Repeat to create a similar another side.
  • Move ahead with mowing another diagonal first stripe, but this time in the opposite way. Create the next one next to it.
  • Move on withdrawing the same pattern i.e. one light stripe and two dark stripes right next to it.
  • Continue till the whole lawn is mowed.


  • Begin with the inmost spot. Start mowing in a circle shape.
  • Mow in the alternate directions to create each circle.
    The pattern particularly is beneficial when done around trees or poles.


  • Create the first stripe by mowing in a wavy direction. Make sure the turns are delicate and uniform all through.
  • Follow the first wave pattern to mow the rest of the stripes.

When you take care of these simple, yet amazing mowing patterns for your lawn, you give it an unusual look. If you want remarkable designs for your lawn, contact Leder Landscape for a wide range of such designs. Our mowing experts will convert your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one.


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