6 Ways to trim & neat Your Garden Using Landscape Elements

Have you ever dreamed of that little green backyard garden, splayed all over Enid Blyton books? Perhaps you hoped that one day, you’d live in a house that sports a little garden like that. Well, that dream could be a reality now. All you need are a few tools and a picture of your inspirational backyard. Oh, and our advice.

We talked to our experts here and they gave us a few pointers on how to near your garden so that you can get the garden of your dreams.


Forget those pretty manicured lawns. Not only are they high-maintenance and consume too much water, they are a minefield for bugs. Instead, an elegant walkway or a driveway enhances the entrance of the house and makes the guest feel welcome. Plant a few oak leaf blooms and lady’s mantle blooms along the driveway and you’re good to go. What is better than a driveway to make your house look more like a storybook fantasy.




Generally an extension of your living room, the patio is often an underestimated element of landscape. Contrary to popular perception, your patios can be located anywhere, not just at the entrance. They can be constructed with wood, brick, gravel, flagstones and even gravel for that rustic look. In addition to the materials, you can further give it a polished touch with handsome furnishings, vibrant fabrics and beautifully potted containers that is usually provided by professional gardening services.



A beloved gardener Robert Dash once said, “All good garden paths should lead to loitering with fine intent, and if they don’t, then something is wrong indeed. Loitering is a horticulturally permissible behavior”. If you’re looking to spend some time loitering in your garden, consider boxwood hedges that are either rounded, squared-off or snaked through the borders. You can even plant some eye-catching flowers that will define the walkway.

Modern landscape Walkways design.jpg
Modern landscape Walkways design.jpg


While courtyards have existed since the beginning of time, right from Babylonian architecture to posh Miami houses today, they certainly add a flair of elegance in your garden. They give the illusion of space in smaller gardens and allow for interaction with your family. You can spend your evenings sipping tea in a little outdoor dining set with your family. Your courtyard can even be defined by wisteria-clad screens and sweet potato vines to give you a sense of privacy.



Water features add a touch of tranquility and relaxation to your garden, and is a stark contrast to the hard features like rocks and stones. Make sure that your pond is located well and has access to a water line, and most importantly, a view from your house. With the help of a professional landscape design company, integrating a waterfall into your pond also gives sound and movement, which will circulate humidity.



Archways give the feeling of being in a medieval castle set in the mid-17th century. But hey, who’s stopping you from going all out when it comes to your home? Your framed archway can be made picture perfect by covering it with porcelain berry vines or grapevines, according to your liking. This could even double up as a pretty little wedding venue for couples. The possibilities are endless!

Archways design -landscaping
Archways design -landscaping

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up your little garden, and these are just a few of them. It only takes a few steps to get that fairy-tale garden of your wildest dreams.

If you’re looking for a company that satisfies your wildest backyard dreams, get in touch with Leder Landscape. We are proficient in driveways, patios, garden walls, walks, ponds and landscape design & build. We are also experts in lawn maintenance, ranging from lawn mowing, mulching and lawn trimming.


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