Marvelous Ideas to Maximize Your Small Landscape Area

Having a small yard does not have to be boring. There are several things you can do to exploit the space you have that will expand how the area is apparent visually. By adding specific elements you can make a small area look much larger than it really is.

Here ideas to maximize your small landscaped area:

Add Decorative Water Structures

any landscape design will be enhanced when you add water to the mix. Vertical fountains, small ponds and fountains that bubble gently will add visual appeal. The sound of running water will also be an excellent addition that will help you relax after a long day.

Decorative Water Structures Design
Decorative Water Structures Design

Go Perpendicular

a perpendicular fountain or tall decorative grasses and plants will add an additional dimension to the landscape area making the lawn look much larger than it actually is. By putting the tallest elements towards the outside perimeter of your landscape design, your garden will appear larger.

Colorful garden

                                                              Perpendicular Lawn Design

Design a Living Space

Create a living space using water resistant furniture, rugs, and decorations. By adding some tall plants along the outside and shorter, flowering varieties towards the interior, you will not only create depth, you will also bring to life a living space that maximizes your outdoor area, as well as increase the amount of actual living space you have.

Living Space desing

                                                                         Living Space design

Add Soft Scapes

Ground covers, potted plants, and decorative grasses will add to the beauty of your landscape area and also give it the look of a small, flourishing garden. It will create a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy some much needed quiet time.

Softscape Desing
Softscape Design

Include Landscaping Features

Small pavers and other cement or stone accents will help to break up the appearance of the area. Combining both landscaping services   provides you with a level of balance that will maximize both your space as well as the area’s visual appeal.

Landscaping lawn desing
Landscaping Design

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