Making the home outdoors into ecstatic scenarios

Home has small things, big things and many things in-between. So let’s add a new leaf to the beautiful tree of your life, let’s escape the four walls and landscape the outer walls.

We all have dreamt of having a stunning backyard where we can spend good times and chill. So to design your artful dreams into reality, Lederlandscape with its team of passionate and high spirited people is here to grow that leaf by adding some elements of flora and fauna to your living space. By serving some visual art facilities like lawn building, lawn management, snow management and irrigation, lederlandscape is boosting up your wonder space and making it wondrous.


Considering landscaping as an art and lawn management as a crucial part of the culture, Lederlandscape’s team is ready to execute your dreams in the most dynamic ways. Celebrations are on their way, 4th of July and the street fest all are coming. Let’s glorify your gardens and backyards and turn them into the most refreshing place to cool out. It’s your time to live it up!  So we are all set to create and manage your driveways, patios, walks, garden walls, ponds, lawns and gardening services. We have the most skillful and energetic staff who will absolutely satisfy your imaginations of a heavenly garden that will raise the roof of compliments and happiness.

You must be actively engaged in your job and other things. You just want some leisure time to relax in your garden area rejuvenating yourself, all away from worries and work. So Lederlandscape would like to save your precious time and make your days lighter and brighter by providing advanced lawn maintenance services at your doorstep which includes lawn moving, clean ups, mulching, pruning, overseeding and sod installation. So now spend some vacant hours, have some ME time and yes do not get bothered about doing things yourself instead, hire our expertise who have a really good hand at the art and craft of growing and managing plants that will surely gonna impress you.

Lederlandscape Design

Your home should be an astounding place. Your garden should be all shinning and you smiling and having positive vibes all around your home as you created a life on this planet and you are responsible for its care. We at Lederlandscape constantly endeavor to accomplish this goal!  We are happy to serve our remarkable irrigation products throughout Palatine and the nearby areas. Our brainy technicians are working with full energy to design unique sprinkler system for all our valued customers. Our premium quality automatic sprinklers are easy to install and water conserving.

Our new years start with snow. Falling of snow brings a feeling of nostalgia in us. We all find it mesmerizing at a time because who doesn’t love snowfall right! But we also feel uneasy and blah as we couldn’t go out because of the blocked roads. Bringing a smart solution to this problem, Lederlandscape is providing snow clearing services so that you can enjoy the snow season.

Irrespective of your project size and budget, irrespective of the style you want- be it contemporary or classic or native Lederlandscape with its expert team is at your duty to cater to all your needs.

At Lederlandscape we believe that the landscape you grew up in is something that lives with you all your life. It gives you lovely memories with your family and friends to cherish for the rest of your lives. So don’t fade away in this busy life, make moments worth remembering only with Lederlandscape.

You can get to us just –
Call on: +1 847-870-0287
Address: Suite C, 500, S. Hicks Road, Palatine, IL 60067, USA


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