Lawn maintenance an area to be taken care of

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a luxurious lawn without having to water or mow the grass?

It can be a reality if you take the proper steps and design a low-water landscaping project without grass, or perhaps replace your grass with artificial turf.

Plus, long-term savings for a grassless yard can be substantial when you consider the cost of lawn mower maintenance.

Lawn maintenance
Lawn maintenance

However, before you start ripping out grass, check with your place and city. Rules may prohibit what you put in your yard, or the project might require a permit.

A landscape designer can help you work within these regulations to create a grassless yard that’s safe, fun and a user-friendly place for people and pets to live and play. To help you get started, here are a few ideas for a grassless lawn.

landscape designer
landscape designer

Ground cover plants are an option

Using low plants as ground cover offers an affordable, effective alternative to grass, and they can easily cover an expansive area.

Moss, one ground cover option, grows easily in shady areas and can withstand foot traffic without submitting to damage. Work with a landscape designer to choose groundcover plants that will thrive in your region. Also, take advantage of any existing trees. For example, if you’re considering a deck or patio, build it around a mature tree. The shade cast by the tree will keep you cool, and the plantings in its vicinity will stay cooler, too, and require less water.


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