Lawn Sprinkler System Design – A Few Tips in Installing Your Own

Whether you are into landscaping or you just love gardening but you don’t have too much time to water your plants or your lawn, you can however make your own sprinkler system and you can choose your own lawn sprinkler system design illinois. Sure, you may have second thoughts about doing it yourself but you can actually find good resource and manuals about the technical stuff that you need to learn to make your own lawn sprinkler system.

If you are looking for choices for your lawn sprinkler system design, here are the basic types you can choose from. Of course, your choice will depend on the size of your lawn, the type of soil, and the layout of your lawn or garden.

sprinkler system design .jpg

Stationary lawn sprinklers are best for small lawns or gardens and are generally inexpensive. The coverage also depends on the holes on the top of the sprinkler. Rotary sprinklers or revolving ones are those with spinning arms but this type may not be a good choice for sandy or sloping areas as this can have a low throw radius.

You can also choose oscillating ones, which have great coverage when it comes to watering. This are also a common choices as these are mostly adjustable, thus can be good for large areas. There are also pulsating sprinklers that are capable of distributing water in large areas and closer to the ground, which makes it resistant to strong winds. This type is also adjustable that you can also adjust it according to the needs of your lawn.

You can also opt for in-ground lawn sprinkler system design which is good for large areas and allows you to have uniform coverage of water distribution in your garden. You can also program it to water in regular schedules. This may be costly if you opt for a professional to install it but you can actually find good guides to help you install it yourself and save up to 40 percent of the cost.

If you opt to install your own lawn sprinkler, here are some of the considerations you need in making your own lawn sprinkler system design and installing it.

Plan your sprinkler system and make sure you have a map of the water and electrical lines and gas pipes in your yard. This will help you avoid damaging them while installing your lawn sprinkler.

Determine the pressure and flow rate of your water source. This will help you determine which of the types of sprinkler head is best for your lawn. Of course, the design of your sprinkler system depends mainly on your water pressure.

Know how far apart you have to place your sprinklers in your yard. This will help you plan the areas that you need to water. You have to check the types of plants growing on each side as this will matter as to how much water they need. You can then adjust your sprinkler to reach out to other parts of the lawn or your garden.

Grab a manual on how to install your own lawn sprinkler. For sure, this task is easy if you have a good guide to help you in putting up all the details of your sprinkler design. Choosing a good guide will help you prepare the materials and equipment you will need including the details of the installation.

These are just a few tips to help you start with installing your own lawn sprinkler design. For as long as you have a good guide in putting up one, you can actually make your own and save a lot from others do it for you.


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